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Aftersale 78th tribal art auction

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2 Mat

Indonesia - Borneo, Dayak

plant fibre weaving, rectangular form with "round" edges, plant fibre weaving, light-beige and dark brown, forming a checked pattern, good condition; mats were used for healing ceremonies and other rituals, as well as seats of honour for important guests.

M: 174,5 cm x 73 cm
M: 68.7 inch x 28.7 inch

Johnson, Mark, Art Borneo, Marina del Rey 2008, p. 40

Price: 400 €

4 Mask "hudoq"

Indonesia - Borneo, Kayan

light weighted wood, painted in red, white and black, characteristic form with big eyes, protruding nose and chin, separate worked ornamental side projections, slightly dam., missing parts (left projection), rep. (right projection), abrasion of paint, wickerwork cap on top for carrying the mask now missing; the most prestigious type of "hudoq" is the composite dragon-hornbill mask, such as the one seen here. Such masks were worn by young men performing the "hudoq" dance, impersonating spirits who had come down to earth to bless and protect the harvest.

H: 38 cm
H: 15 inch

Dutch Private Collection

Capistrano-Baker, Florina, Art of Island Southeast Asia, New York 1994, p. 32, ill. 11

Price: 600 €

10 Fragment of a threshing hammer


heavy wood, middle brown patina, remains of black and red paint, as well as red pigment, massive horseshoe-shaped corpus with bobbin, crowned by an anthropomorphic torso, "tika" (sign of blessing) on the forehead, carved with the image of the Hindu god "ganesha" in bas-relief and Devanagari inscription, slightly dam., rep. (at the frontside of the horseshoe-shaped corpus a piece of wood reinserted)

H: 106 cm
H: 41.7 inch

German Private Collection

Price: 2200 €

11 Figurally carved stool

India, Naga

wood, dark brown patina, in form of a stylized quadruped rising from short block-like legs with animal head to the front, the bench-shaped "seat" carved with a lying embracing couple, enclosed by animal sculpture and phantastic janus-headed being, slightly dam., cracks

B: 59 cm
B: 23.2 inch

Price: 900 €

12 Shield

India, Naga

rawhide, greyish brown patina, encrusted in some areas, of rectangular form with raised middle ridge, firm rotan handle wrapped with leather straps, loop for support, painted with white pigment (cross- , zigzag- and rhomb-shaped motifs), slightly dam. (rims), abrasion of paint; such raw hide shields were used in war and had an important role as ceremonial symbols as well. They usually were made of elephant hides or those of some varieties of buffalo. They appear in the hands of the most expert dancers during the ritual dances on the occasion of funerals and are placed on the graves of the warriors.

H: 89,5 cm
H: 35.2 inch

Price: 800 €

13 Warrior's sash with "panji" basket

India, Naga

wood, reddish brown patina, in five rows set with light grey coix seeds, the horn-like projecting tip adorned with long tufts of wild goat's hair, rattan loop for support, slightly dam., some seeds missing; "panji" are fire-hardened bamboo spikes, about ten to twenty centimetres in length. In earlier days these were stuck in the ground to impede the progress of enemies or to gore animals caught in traps.

H: 26 cm
H: 10.2 inch

Kunz, Richard, Naga, Basel 2008, p. 68, ill. 044

Price: 500 €

14 Standing male figure

India, Naga

light brown wood, matt greyish brown patina, holding a little head in the left, an item in the right hand, various facial scarifications, min. dam., missing parts, cracks, slight traces of abrasion

H: 46,5 cm
H: 18.3 inch

German Collection

Price: 300 €

15 Three necklaces

India, Naga

a) black miniature glass beads, in 30 strings thread on cord material, fibre netting, coin closure, l: 25 cm; b) orange-coloured and polychrome miniature glass beads, in 15 strings thread on cord material, coin closure, l: 30 cm; c) necklace of a warrior, cylindrical orange beads thread on cord, brass pendant with three anthropmorphic heads, l: 30 cm

Ilka Oberhofer, Passau, Germany

Price: 300 €

16 Theatre mask


light wood, dark brown patina, remains of red and skin-coloured paint, wrinkles and contours accentuated by black paint, nails on upper lip and eyebrows referring to the original application of animal skin or hair in place of eyebrows and moustache, the multitude of wrinkles, as well as hanging corners of the mouth and projecting chin indicating the depiction of an old person, slightly dam., missing parts (right cheek, upper lip, chin), rep. (on the upper rim)

H: 20,5 cm
H: 8.1 inch

Price: 200 €

18 Ceramic badge


fired red clay, brown coating, oval flattened form, a stylized anthropomorphic being on the front side, grooved decor with remains of scrolled ornaments on the back, drilled holes for support, rep., acrylic base; with japanese cord-patterns "jomon". This refers to the pottery style which has markings made using sticks with cords wrapped around them. This techinique derives from the Jomon culture (10.000- 300 B.C.).

H: 10 cm
H: 3.9 inch

Marcia & Irwin Hersey, New York, USA

Price: 3000 €

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