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85th Tribal Art Auction

Classic, traditional and exceptional art works. Notable carving works, ex. collection Edith Hafter, Solothurn, Switzerland. The Ethiopian Collection of Sachau-Zeies. The second part of the Rielau Collection. Masks and sculptures from the peoples of Gabon. An important gold jewellery collection from the Akan peoples. Small 'mu po' sculptures from Cameroon. Oceanic and South Pacific art.

The after sale has started

The after sale of our tribal art auction # 85 has started. Some items are still available. Maybe you will discover one of this objects for your collection.

After sale catalogue

Highlights of the current auction

Squatting figure "bulul", before 1914
Lot: 5

Philippines - Island Luzon, Igorot

Male ancestor figure "kandimboang", collected around 1890
Lot: 32

Papua New Guinea - Ramu River

Large drum, around 1880
Lot: 34

Papua New Guinea - Lake Sentani

War charm, around 1880
Lot: 44

Papua New Guinea - Bismarck Archipelago - Admirality Islands

Stilt step "tapuva'e"
Lot: 58

French Polynesia - Marquesas Islands

Figure of hermaphrodite
Lot: 133

Mali, Dogon

Very old figure, 15 th - 17th century
Lot: 134

Mali, Dogon, Tintam style

Zoomorphic mask "karan-wemba"
Lot: 152

Burkina Faso, Mossi

Pair of figures "yassoua ni bla", around 1900
Lot: 167

Côte d'Ivoire, Baule

Maternité of the Agba area workshop, around 1920
Lot: 169

Côte d'Ivoire, Baule, Agba area, Dimbokro

Large bowl-bearing figure, around 1910
Lot: 170

Côte d'Ivoire, Baule

Female mask "kpan", before 1920
Lot: 174

Côte d'Ivoire, Baule

Big ceremonial spoon "wa ke mia"
Lot: 183

Côte d'Ivoire, Dan

Rare female figure "tale ko"
Lot: 188

Côte d'Ivoire, Dida

Maternité "katyeleo" ("mother of the village")
Lot: 208

Côte d'Ivoire, Senufo

Rare "obu" shrine figure
Lot: 270

Nigeria, Igbo

Figure "iphri"

Nigeria, Urhobo

Altar figure
Lot: 282

Nigeria, Yoruba

Pair of figures

Cameroon, Kaka

Rare ancestor shrine
Lot: 329

Gabon, Fang

Reliquary guardian figure "mbulu-ngulu" ("spirit of a deceased")

Gabon, Kota

Head sculpture
Lot: 341

Gabon, Tsogho

Figural pendant
Lot: 370

D. R. Congo, Hungana

Mask "lukungu"
Lot: 386

D. R. Congo, Lega

Icon, Triptych, 17th century
Lot: 470


Phallic stone stela, 13th-17th century
Lot: 474

Ethiopia, Sidamo Region

Anthropomorphic stone stela
Lot: 475

Ethiopia, Arusi

Ancestor post "waga" or "waka"
Lot: 477

Ethiopia, Konso/Gato, Kusuma style

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