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3014592 Circular dish

Philippines - Luzon, Batad Village

light-weighted wood, brown patina, traces of usage, ring-shaped base, three hollows, the big one in the middle used for rice, the two smaller ones for side dishes, two holes on the rear for hanging up on the wall for drying, slightly dam., cracks, traces of insect caused damage; used to be inherited from one generation to the next, nowadays only rare to be found!

D: 32 cm, ~ 1900
D: 12.6 inch, ~ 1900

Price: 150 € plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

3017912 Divination board with bird

D. R. Congo, Luba

light-weighted wood, small residues of kaolin, black and red pigment, rectangular board with rounded edges, incised diamond-shaped pattern with parallel striations, a half-spherical protruding birds head in the centre, showing concentric eyes, framed by abrus beans (nearly completely missing right hand side), a pierced beak with grooves underneath, slightly dam., crack, paint rubbed off

H: 37,5 cm
H: 14.8 inch

Price: 420 € plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

3018412 Prestige bowl


wood, dark, partly encrusted patina, circular base, open worked spider motif, the actual vessel decorated with rhomb-shaped ornaments; probably this bowl was used to keep kola nuts.

H: 23,5 cm
H: 9.3 inch

Northern, Tamara, Expressions of Cameroon art, p. 36, ill. 24

Price: 80 € plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

3018413 Prestige stool

Cameroon Grassfields

wood, brown patina, black paint, ring-shaped base, hollowed seat, four human caryatid figures, min. dam., fine cracks, small missing pieces; n the Cameroon Grasslands stools are important regalias of the chief.

H: 38 cm
H: 15 inch

Dagan, Esther A., Man at Rest, Montreal 1985, p. 46, ill. 121

Price: 650 € plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

3018415 Mask

Nigeria, Ibibio

wood, stained brown patina, encrusted in some areas, remains of kaolin, open worked eyes with lowered lids, calm self-contained expression, pierced around the rim, min. dam., insect caused damage, missing piece at the upper rim; in size and form this mask reminds of the "elu" masks of the neighbouring Ogoni.

H: 20 cm
H: 7.9 inch

Wittmer, Marcilene K., Arnett, William, Three Rivers of Nigeria, Atlanta 1978, p. 66, ill. 153

Price: 300 € plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

3018417 Mask with horns

Nigeria, Idoma

wood, greyish brown patina, see holes underneath the eyes, pierced around the rim, dam., abrasion of paint, missing parts through insect caused damage, fissures, one horn tip broken

H: 51 cm
H: 20.1 inch

Price: 500 € plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

3018420 Ancestor figure

Nigeria, Oron

light brown wood, matt stained patina, post-like body, reduced facial features with beard and headgear, min. dam., insect caused damage, traces of weathering, base; ancestors were not only remembered or represented by masquerades, but were actually represented in carved images which were kept in the ancestral shrines. When occassion demanded, sacrifices were offered to them for, though dead, they were still members of the lineage. The style of their carving is unique and unparalleled anywhere else in the country.

L: 50 cm
L: 19.7 inch

Ekpo Eyo, Two Thousand Years Nigerian Art, Lagos 1977, p. 217

Price: 200 € plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

3019294 Face mask

Cameroon Grassfields, Bafo

wood, painted in black and red, laughing, teeth revealing mouth, superstructure in shape of a narrow mask face with tubular protruding eyes, insect caused damage, missing parts (chin, head crest), cracks, fixation of superstructure renewed

H: 38,5 cm
H: 15.2 inch

Price: 240 € plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

3019580 Stone axe

Papua New Guinea

wooden shaft, a stone blade of greyish basalt, sharpened and polished, oval in cross-section, affixed by rattan which is tightly wrapped around, an artificially plaited rattan cuff for decoration and additional fixing, slightly dam., crack (on top), place of repair

L: 55,5 cm
L: 21.9 inch

Coll. Eckert, Munich, Germany

Aumann, Georg, Kunst und Kunsthandwerk aus Neu Guinea, Ausst.kat. Natur-Museum Coburg 1986, p. 148

Price: 1200 € plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

3020409 Spear with obsidian point

Papua New Guinea - Bismarck Archipelago - Admirality Islands

wooden shaft, obsidian tip fixed by parinarium nut paste, ornamentally decorated with cord material dyed in red and black, Job's tear grass seads attached, dam., crack, missing part (obsidian tip), parinarium nut paste missing in parts

L: 129 cm
L: 50.8 inch

Price: 100 € plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

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