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Strong selection of non-European art

published: 2013, January 29
Once again we have been able to put together ethnologically important pieces from German and European private collections.

- A small selection -

Witu Islands, Papua New Guinea
Victor (Mordechai) Goldschmidt, Heidelberg, Germany
Artur Rösler, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany (before 1914)
H: 50 cm
6.000 - 9.000 €

From the Artur Rösler collection comes a very rare helmet mask from Papua New Guinea that is completely carved from wood. This occurs only on the Witu islands and as such can be very rarely found in collections. The metallurgist and author of the 18 volume standard work "Atlas der Krystallformen", Victor Mordechai Goldschmidt (1853-1933), probably acquired it in 1894/95 on a journey to Oceania. From here he brought numerous ethnological objects that became the foundation of the "Von-Portheim-Stiftung" ethnological museum that he founded in 1916/19 in Heidelberg. It has also been confirmed that before his formation of the museum Goldschmidt made acquisitions for his private Oceanic collection from Johann Friedrich Gustav Umlauff (1833-1889) in Hamburg and William Oldman (1879-1949) in London.

Bete, Ivory Coast
Provenance: Michel Gaud, Saint Tropez, France
H: 27 cm
60.000 - 120.000 €

Among the rarer types of African masks is an anthropological face mask 'tohouro' from the Bete in the Ivory Coast that once belonged to Michel Gaud, Saint Tropez. The mask belongs to a small group of Bete-Guro masks that have style elements of the Dan, Guro and other neighbouring ethnic groups that were mostly collected around 1900.

Objects of the private collection of Udo Petry, Hohnhorst, Germany

Approximately sixty objects are from the Northern German Udo Petry (born in 1940) collection including a group of very beautiful old ancestral figures from the Bamana and Dogon that were formerly the Swiss private collection of Dr. Carlo von Castelberg, Zurich (1923-2006).

Some of the small figures and miniature sculptures from the private collection Dr. Vera und Dr. Wolfgang Nerlich, Munich, Germany

For collectors of small figures, all of which are between 10 and 29 cm, and miniature sculptures our next auction will prove to be of great interest. The sculptures (130 objects) are from the estate of the private collection from Munich, Dr. Vera (born in 1930) and Dr. Wolfgang Nerlich (1928-2012) whose passion for collecting goes back to the 1960's.