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84. Tribal Art Auktion

Schlagmesser und Herrscherstab "Rekade"

D. R. Kongo, Kusu

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Karl-Heinz Krieg, Neuenkirchen, Germany
Rolf Christoph Lutz (1930-2016), Gernsbach, Germany
Lutz worked as medical doctor for the Basler Mission in Bawku, Agogo and Bechem in Ghana from 1958 to 1967.
Born in 1930 in Kaying, South China where his parents already worked for the Basel Mission, after his studies he knew that he would like to work as a missionary doctor as did his father. After graduation, he decided to choose Ghana. Beginning in 1958 he worked with his wife Eva-Maria, in a hospital in Bawku in the north of the country, near the border with Burkina Faso, as well as in Agogo and Bechem. In 1967, he returned with his family to Germany.
His friendship with Karl-Heinz Krieg, who worked in the hospital administration in Agogo from 1960, goes back to those shared years in Ghana.
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Metall, Holz, mittig verbreiterte Klinge mit abgeflachtem Ende, beschnitzter Holzgriff, min. besch., leichte Korrossionsspuren, Sockel, H: 49 cm; der lange Schaft des Herrscherstabes tlw. mit Metallblech beschlagen, H: 44 cm, Korrosionsspuren, Sockel

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