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91. Tribal Art Auktion

Sechs kleine Textilien "bilaam"

D. R. Kongo, Kuba-Shoowa / Bushoong

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Roger de Vloo, Belgian missionary (collected in situ)
De Vloo (born 1915) entered the order of the White Fathers in 1934. He travelled to Congo in 1946 to shoot documentaries about the congregation with the assistance of the Africa-Films production company. While he lived in Kivu, from 1947 to 1967, he filmed near to seventy films.
M: 32 cm x 32 cm - 32,5 cm x 37 cm This object is not available anymore.

Fasern der Raphiapalme ("raphia vinifera"), mit Stickerei und Samt ("Kasaiplüsch"), verschiedene graphische Muster, diverse Größen