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Indonesien - Nias

Provenienz Größe Zuschlag
Waldemar Stöhr & Elisabeth Stöhr-Johannsen, Cologne, Germany (coll. in situ)
Klefisch, Cologne, 11. Oktober 2013, Lot 110
European Private Collection

Elisabeth Stöhr-Johannsen was born in 1932 in Siantar, Sumatra, Indonesia, and grew up on a mission station in Batak country. Later living in Cologne, she remained closely connected to the country throughout her life as a member of the German-Indonesian Society. She was married to the ethnologist Waldemar Stöhr (*1925), who shared her love for Indonesia, which was reflected in joint journeys, articles and exhibitions. W. Stöhr wrote a number of publications on Indonesian art and culture, including the first comprehensive history of religion of the island state in German.
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