Lot: 9

Seltene hammerförmige Kampfkeule

Papua-Neuguinea - Östliches Hochland, Wonenara oder Marawaka Region, Anga

Provenienz Größe Zuschlag
Leo Fleischmann, Sydney, Australia
Anthony JP Meyer, Paris, France
John & Marcia Friede, Rye, USA
John Friede, with his wife, Marcia, assembled over decades the Jolika Collection, which is named in honor of their three children, John, Lisa, and Karen. More than 300 works from their holdings are now part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s permanent collection housed at the de Young.
L: 79,5 cm verkauft

Holz, handschriftl. aufgebrachte Sammlungsnr. "LF/C 99"

Friede, John et. al. (ed.), "New Guinea Highlands, Art from the Jolika Collection", New York 2017, p. 220, fig. 10.32 C