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102nd Auction

Historically significant art works from Africa and the Pacific region in a Munich private collection closely connected with the Linden-Museum and Ludwig Bretschneider. Selected pieces from the collections of Werner Zintl (Part 2) and Alexander Kubetz (Part 2). First part of exquisite ceramics from the Moche and Nazca cultures coming from the estate of Klaus Kalz.

The after sale has started

The after sale of our 102nd Auction has started. Some items are still available. Maybe you will discover one of this objects for your collection.

After sale catalogue

Highlights of the current auction

Female figure "malagan"
Lot: 20

Papua New Guinea - Bismarck Archipelago - New Ireland- Simberi (Tabar Islands)

Magnificent "malagan" figure
Lot: 21

Papua New Guinea - Bismarck Archipelago - New Ireland

Kneeling female figure "malagan"
Lot: 22

Papua New Guinea - Bismarck Archipelago - New Ireland

Rare friction drum "livika" or "lunet"
Lot: 23

Papua New Guinea - Bismarck Archipelago - New Ireland

Club "u'u"
Lot: 26

Marquesas Islands

Rare buffalo mask "nyati" ("nyatti" / "nyadi") of the "koso-isango" society
Lot: 35

Cameroon, Duala

Female caryatid stool "kipona" ("kihona", "kikona", "lupona")
Lot: 37

D. R. Congo, Luba

Mask face, Classic Period, ca. 450 to 650 AD
Lot: 50

Mexico, Teotihuacán

Jaguar throne, ca. 500 to 1500 AD
Lot: 59

Ecuador, Manabí Cerro Jaboncillo, Manteño

Stirrup vessel, Early Horizon, ca. 1400 to 800 BC
Lot: 61

Peru, Chavin / Cupisnique

Stirrup vessel: Fox Deity, Early Intermediate Period, ca. 200 to 500 AD
Lot: 67

Peru, Moche

Stirrup vessel with relief depiction: Warriors battling crabs, Early Intermediate Period, ca. 200 to 500 AD
Lot: 70

Peru, Moche

Stirrup vessel: Drummer, Early Intermediate Period, ca. 300 to 500 AD
Lot: 71

Peru, Moche

Anthropomorphic stirrup vessel, Early Intermediate Period, ca. 300 BC to 300 AD
Lot: 73

Peru, Nazca / Paracas

Bridge vessel with double spout, Early Intermediate Period, Middle Nazca, ca. 100 to 300 AD
Lot: 83

Peru, Nazca

Vessel, Early Intermediate Period, Late Nazca, ca. 300 to 600 AD
Lot: 96

Peru, Nazca

Samurai helmet "kabuto" , Edo period (1603-1868)
Lot: 100


Kneeling female figure
Lot: 140

Mali, Soninke (Djennenke-Nononke)

Lot: 147

Côte d'Ivoire, Baule

Anthropomorphic face mask "deangle"
Lot: 155

Côte d'Ivoire, Dan-Nyor, Uopie (ca. 1890-1950) or follower

Anthropomorphic face mask "gu"
Lot: 157

Côte d'Ivoire, Guro

Standing female figure
Lot: 161

Côte d'Ivoire, Senufo

Anthropomorphic face mask
Lot: 183

Nigeria, Eket

Mask of a notable, late 19th / early 20th century
Lot: 214

Cameroon Grassfields, Babanki / Kom (Bekom)

Rare power figure "enok ateng"
Lot: 220

Cameroon, Kaka

Squatting male figure
Lot: 230

D. R. Congo, Bembe

Caryatid stool "kipona" ("kihona") with male-female couple
Lot: 251

D. R. Congo, Eastern Luba

Power figure "nkisi" / "nkishi"
Lot: 269

D. R. Congo, Songye

Anthropomorphic helmet mask "hemba"
Lot: 272

D. R. Congo, Suku

Rare anthropomorphic face mask
Lot: 307

Papua New Guinea - East Sepik Province - Yuat River, Biwat

Standing female ancestor figure
Lot: 309

Solomon Islands - Bougainville, Buka / Vella Lavella Island

Stilt step "tapuva'e"
Lot: 310

Marquesas Islands

Stilt step "tapuva'e"
Lot: 311

Marquesas Islands

Prestige axe "gi okono" or "nbouet"
Lot: 313

New Caledonia, Kanak