Lot: 200

89th Tribal Art Auction

Anthropomorphic face mask "tankagle"

Côte d'Ivoire, Dan

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Emil Storrer, Zurich, Switzerland H: 8.9 inch 16000 EUR / 35000 EUR

wood, eyes damaged along lower rim (probably once narrow with metal borders) "Tankagle" means something close to "dancing miming masquerade". They entertain the spectators with various beautiful dances, and sometimes they perform short skits or songs. "Tankagle" wears "komo", a bonnet-like cap with applied decorations including the "bla ka", a strip of goat skin covered with cowrie shells. The costume consists of of a pair of trousers with a skirt of bast fibre. The mask dancers wear leg rattles and hold calebash rattles in their hands.

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