Lot: 455

Caryatid stool

D. R. Congo, Songe

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Daniel Hourdé & Philippe Ratton, Paris, France
Philippe Laeremans, Liège, Belgium
Zemanek-Münster, Würzburg, 23 September 2006, lot 379
Pierre Dartevelle, Brussels, Belgium
David Blackhurst, Bakersfield, USA
H: 18.3 inch 7000 EUR / 15000 EUR

wood, dark brown patina, female figure rising from disproportionate large feet, min. dam., cracks (plinth, torso, seat), base. The use of such stools was subject to special occacions, such as birth, initiation, marriage, or case of death. They were reserved for a political and spiritual "upper class", such as chiefs, priests, medicine men, healers and dignitaries. They mainly fullfilled representative and ritual functions.

Bocola, Sandro (Hg.), Afrikanische Sitze, München, New York 1994, p. 124