Lot: 66

Female twin figure "ere ibeji", mid to late 19th century

Nigeria, Yoruba, Igbomina, Ila Orangun

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
collected in situ, September 1962
Maria Wyss, Basel, Switzerland (1974)
Vogler, Basel, 20 May 2011, Lot 41
Alfred W. Angst, Aeugstertal-Zurich, Switzerland
H: 12.6 inch 4000 EUR / 8000 EUR

wood, glass beads, coconut discs, engraved "Oyo September 1962" (base) This charming twin figure was attributed by the Rietbeg Museum Zurich to a sculptor who worked in the second half of the 19th century and who worked in the tradition of the master carver Bogunjooko. Bogunjooko (around 1800-1870) is regarded the founder of the famous school of sculptors from the "Inurin homestead" in the Isedo district of Ila Orangun. His grandson Fakeye and his great-grandson Lamidi O. Fakeye also became famous.

Homberger, Lorenz (Hg.), Yoruba, Kunst und Ästhetik in Nigeria, Museum Rietberg Zürich 1991, p. 89, cat. 102; Winizki, Ernst, Gesichter Afrikas, Luzern 1972, p. 64 f. Exhibited:

Zurich, Switzerland: "Die Kunst der Yoruba. Skulpturen aus Nigeria", Museum Rietberg, 6 November 1991- 8 March 1992