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Figure of a spirit wife "blolo bla", 19th/20th century

Côte d'Ivoire, Baule

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Mrs. Benzinger (deceased in 2009), Solothurn, Switzerland
Adrian Schlag, Brussels, Belgium (2009)
H: 21.3 inch 12000 EUR / 25000 EUR

wood, pigments, rest., base According to the Baule's sense of beauty, this figure is the idealized representation of a woman. In terms of facial features, hairstyle and lavish jewellery with scarifications, it also shows a high degree of individuality. It is the embodiment of a "spouse from the otherworldly world", whom the Baule believe that they can influence the fortunes of the living. These figures are designed to serve a single person and have private shrines in the house dedicated to them. Here the spirits inherent in the characters can be contacted and offerings can be made to them thus providing help.

Adrian Schlag, "Tribal Art Classics VI", Brussels, 2009, p.18 f. Exhibited:

Paris, France: "Parcours des Mondes", 7-11 September 2011

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ADHRC: 0058218