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Frieze mask

Papua New Guinea - West Sepik, Aitape

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Franz Xaver Lehner, Munich, Germany (before 1925)
Heinrich "Heinz" Josef Bründl, Munich, Germany
Michael Evans, Dijon, France
Lehner (1887-1963) was a photographer and early member of the "Cowboy Club Munich", founded in 1913. He was a collector of ethnographics from North American, Africa and Papua New Guinea. Bründl (born 1948) became a member of the "Cowboy Club Munich" at the age of twenty which aroused his interest in foreign cultures. He became a renowned collector mainly of cultural objects from the North American Indians.
H: 13.8 inch 4000 EUR

wood, colourful painted, base The mask probably comes frrom the north coast near Aitape (former "Berlinhafen"), which is located in the Sandaun Province in the west of Papua New Guinea. During the German colonial period (1885-1919) "Berlinhafen" was an important base for the plantation economy. Pieces from this area are rare and mostly come from German times. The mask is documented by a photo from 1925, which shows the collector Franz Xaver Lehner in his apartment in Westendstraße 78 in Munich. With a cowboy hat and animal tooth chain he posed in front of selected pieces of his collection.

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