Lot: 44

Group of receptacles


Provenance Size Hammer price
Günther & Ursula Hartmann, Berlin, Germany (before 2007) sold

7 pcs., blackware pottery/ ceramic, a) Sicán culture (former Lambayeque), cup with warrior depictions in relief, h: 10,5 cm; b) Moche/ Chimu transitional style: stirrup vessel with mythical bird creatures, h: 18 cm; Chimu culture: c) figural vessel with striking serrated contour, h: 21 cm, around 1390 (according TL); d) bird vessel, deepened cartouches with so called "goose skin pattern", h: 19 cm; e) monkey stirrup vessel, dam. (spout), h: 16 cm; Chimu-Inca-Culture, Late Horizon f) small bottle with flattened round body, h: 11,3 cm; g) bulbous receptacle with animal-shaped handle, h: 16 cm

Thermoluminescence Expertise, 5.7.1990, Ralf Kotalla, Haigerloch, Germany (c)
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