Lot: 394

Head scultpure

D. R. Congo, Lega

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Berndt Helleberg, Stockholm, Sweden H: 5.5 inch 5000 EUR / 10000 EUR

ivory, cowire shells, base Generally, these extremely important sculptures are kept in trust on behalf of a community by the "kindi" who has most seniority in a well-defined large community. This is not the oldest person nor the most senior in the kinship system but the most senior in grade among living. He is sometimes known as "kyankuma" ("tree fallen high over the river") to emphasize his supreme status. No "kindi" initiation can be held without his presence. The figurine is very secretely guarded by its keeper who places it close to his head at night.

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This object is subject to CITES. Please note that it can only be sent within the European Community. At the present time export in third countries is prohibited.