Lot: 278

Janus-faced helmet mask

Nigeria, Igbo

Provenance Size Hammer price
Gallery Patrice Trigano, Paris, France
Christie's, Paris, 8 December 2004, lot 171
Pierre Dartevelle, Brussels, Belgium
H: 18.5 inch 6500 EUR

wood, rep., base The Middle Cross River region is populated by several Bantoid groups (Ekoi/Ejagham) as well as by northeastern Igbo people. Cross-cultural influences abound. The most popular art form, the helmet mask with one or more faces, seems to be common to all groups. A clear attribution is difficult The mask was designated by Christie's Paris in 2004 as being from the Ejagham. AHDRC attributes comparable objects as being from the Igbo (compare AHDRC 0094774, 0094781, 0094937).