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Light structure, 1975

Waibel, Hermann (*1925), Ravensburg, Germany

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Ferdinand Maier, Galerie Zeitkunst, Kitzbühel, Austria M: 23.6 inch x 23.6 inch 3500 EUR / 7000 EUR

wood/ plastics, gypsum/ plaster, signed on the backside Parallel to the currents of Minimal Art and Concrete Art, Waibel turns in the 1950s on the portraiture and the performing function of painting. The creative means, color, form, space and image carrier itself become the object of his works. The focus of his more than 60-year exploration of the painterly means is the light, it becomes his life's theme. He develops light-kinetic objects made of glass fiber and plastic, the materiality of which makes different light structures visible. Monochrome white and black dominate his work for two decades and produce particularly intense light and shadow throws. The graphically clear structures of the reliefs and objects are enlivened by the light as well as the changing viewer's point of view.