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Maiden spirit mask "agbogho mmwo"

Nigeria, Igbo

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Olivier Le Corneur (1906-1991) & Jean Roudillon, Paris, France
Gordon Heath, New York, USA/ Paris
Roger Bourahimou, Brussels, Belgium
H: 13 inch 6000 EUR

wood, pigment remains, fabric, rest., base The "agbogho mmwo" mask type embodies the ideal image of a woman, both in terms of physical beauty and moral values. The white clay pigmentation on the face refers to the spirits of the revered ancestors. This masks are used mostly during agricultural festivals (usually the dry season), such as the annual "fame of maidens" festival. Also at funerals of important members of the "mmwo" society or in honour of village deities.

"Cultures, The World Arts Fair", 12-16 June 2019, Brussels, p. 15

ADHRC: 0162381