Lot: 348

Male power figure "nkisi" / "nkishi"

D. R. Congo, Songe

Provenance Size Hammer price
Adrian Schlag, Brussels, Belgium H: 17.3 inch / 20.7 inch (with horn) 16000 EUR

wood, animal horn, brass / copper sheet, glass beads,
The figure shows a black sacrificial patina, sweating heavily in places.

It still carries some of the paraphernalia with which it was once equipped by the ritual specialist "nganga" and magically charged with accompanying incantations.

The metal strips on the forehead and bridge of the nose are associated with the natural phenomenon of lightning. Transferred to the "nkisi" figures, this refers to the dual ability not only to counteract the aggressive actions of evil, but also to redirect them at the same time. The animal horn stuck in the parting symbolises power, fertility and abundance.