Lot: 475

Mask "ndeemba"

D. R. Congo, Yaka

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Rob Vervoort, Molenstede-Diest, Belgium
Emmanuel Ameloot, Brussels, Belgium
Belgian Private Collection, Brussels
16.3 inch 7000 EUR / 14000 EUR

wood, plant fibre, pigment, base The small mask face is worked on paddle shaped handle. The bonnet is made of extremely fine woven fibre with four raised cone forms and shows remains of accurate ornamental painting. The mask was used in context of initiation "mukhanda", that includes circumcision rituals. To mark the end of the educational period, festivities are held in which the initiates perform with newly carved masks. The dance of the masks is accompanied by chants confirming the male supremacy and the social rank of the young men.