Lot: 90

Palace post "opo"

Nigeria, Yoruba, Ekiti, Efon Alaye, Agbonbiofe or workshop

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Boris Kegel-Konietzko, Hamburg, Germany (coll. in situ, Oyo, 1958)
Rolf Huisgen, Munich, Germany (1976)
H: 59.1 inch 6000 EUR / 12000 EUR

wood, paint residues, encrusted patina, base This work of art is either by the famous sculptor Agbonbiofe (ca. 1880-1945) or by one of his students from the highly esteemed Adesina clan. House posts belong to the most important and prominent sculptures of Yoruba Art. Aside from their function as architectural sculptures to support roofs and hallways in royal palaces, their foremost and symbolic task was to demonstrate royal power and strength. In this object, the importance of the ruler is expressed above all by the fact that he is depicted much larger than the accompanying figures.The beautiful kneeling female figure at the base symbolizes fertility and the continuity of the lineage.

Kecskési, Maria, Kunst aus Afrika, München, London, New York 1999, ill. 69