Lot: 157

Rare helmet mask "degele"

Côte d'Ivoire, Senufo, "Second Master of Lataha", Korhogo Region, Village Lataha

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Sotheby's New York, 24 November 1992, lot 67
Mark Eglinton, New York, USA
H: 41.3 inch 20000 EUR / 40000 EUR

wood, rep./ partly renewed The mask type was first discovered in 1939 in a village near Korhogo. It only appears in pairs and comes out for the "Great Funeral" - "kuumo", an all-community festival to commemorate the important elders who have died over a four- or five-year period. The masquerade couple and their escorts encircle the entire village, a fusion of image and act that symbolizes the continuity between the living and the multiple ancestral dead, and honors those village men and women recently "initiated" into the realm of the dead.

Schmalenbach, Werner (Hg.), Afrikanische Kunst aus der Sammlung Barbier-Mueller, Genf, München 1988, p. 84