Lot: 10

Seated ancestor figure "iene"

Indonesia - Moluccas - Leti Island

Provenance Size Hammer price
Karl Heinz Zühlsdorf, Cologne, Germany
Manfred Pütz, Cologne, Germany
H: 7.3 inch 2400 EUR

wood, dark brown patina, strongly encrusted in parts, typical seated posture, wing-shaped headdress, slightly dam. (arms), missing parts (both shanks/headdress). Figures "iene" were carved shortly after a person's death to serve as a receptacle for the departed spirit. To attract the soul, the "iene" were placed on a gold plate, and wrapped in red cloth. Honoured with offerings of food and prayers, "iene" bridged the spirit world and the realm of the living.

Barbier, Jean Paul & D. Newton (ed.), Islands and Ancestors, Munich 1988, p. 316