Lot: 451

Shield "kalengula"

D. R. Congo, Songe/Luba

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Woods Davy, California, USA
Alain Bovis, Paris, France
H: 29.1 inch 10000 EUR / 20000 EUR

wood, pigment, on the backside painted with emblems and anthropomorphic figure, base These shields carved with the miniature version of a "kifwebe" mask in the centre, belonged to the "bwadi bwa kifwebe" society. According to Mestach they functioned as guardians of the mask huts ("kiobo"). According to Benitez-Johannot the shields were even used like flags to lead troops into battle.

Roy, Christopher D., Kilengi, Afrikanische Kunst aus der Sammlung Bareiss, München 1997, ill. 104