Lot: 7

Shield "kliau"

Indonesia - Borneo, Dayak

Provenance Size Hammer price
German Private Collection (1981) H: 50.4 inch;
B: 15.7 inch
700 EUR

soft and light "jelutong" wood, black paint, red pigment, carved from a single piece of wood, strengthened in the width with rattan strips, painted with all kinds of intricate figures on both sides, min. dam., missing parts, abrasion, crack. Wood shields were used for protection in warfare, on headhunting raids, or ceremonial display. The spiritually charged "monster" figure painted on the front (concentrical circle motifs = "eyes") is meant to frighten the enemy.

van Zonneveld, Albert G., Traditional weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago, Leiden 2001, p. 73