Lot: 42

Spear thrower "mino"

Papua New Guinea - Middle Sepik, Iatmul

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Lempertz, Brussels, 25 April 2009, lot 16
Peter Grossmann, Berlin, Germany
L: 39.4 inch 1200 EUR / 2500 EUR

wood, pigment, plant fibre, guide with rich ornamental decor in the middle, slightly dam., abrasion of paint. Spear throwers of the "mino" type are purely representational, they are not conceptualized for practical usage. They were employed in initiation ceremonies where they were part of the splendid outfit of the initates for the various rituals which concluded the period of initiation.

Friede, John & Marcia, New Guinea Art, Vol. 2, San Francisco 2005, ill. 217 f.