Lot: 57

Stirrup-spouted vessel with sacrificial scene

Peru, Moche

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Ulrich Hoffmann, Stuttgart, Germany
Günther & Ursula Hartmann, Berlin, Germany
H: 8.8 inch 2000 EUR / 4000 EUR

ca. 800 AD (TL)

fired clay/ ceramic, slip paint, inventory no. "1091607", spout dam. This vessel represents a mountain massif with five peaks. Between them, nine human sacrifices are arranged in relief, with a seated deity on the lower right, who attends the sacrificial rituals. Mountains are considered sacred by many peoples of the earth. For their peaks represented the contact between heaven and earth - between the divine and the earthly, and they housed caves that were considered to be entrances to the underworld. For the Moche, too, the omnipresent mighty Andes were considered sacred and the Inca considered their peaks as deities "Apu".

Thermoluminescence Expertise, 14.06.1991, Ralf Kotalla, Haigerloch, Germany
Berrin, Kathleen (ed.), The spirit of ancient Peru, San Francisco 1998, p. 118
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