Lot: 49

Two stirrup fish vessels, c. 450 - 550 AD

Peru, Moche IV

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger, Munich, 20.09.2011, Lot 182 (a) & Lot 195 (b)
Michael Beckmann, Marburg, Germany
1800 EUR / 4000 EUR


a) fish stirrup vessel (creamy white dots on dark red ground), l: 24 cm, h: 22 cm

b) fish stirrup vessel (red dots on a creamy white ground), l: 24 cm, h: 24 cm

An important food source for local consumption and for inland trade, fish were also a frequent motif in Moche art, as realistic representations, as mythic monsters, or as scene-setting elements.

Berrin, Kathleen (ed.), The spirit of ancient Peru, San Francisco 1998, p. 109, ill. 42
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