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Objects from the Pysik collection

Auction in Wurzburg:
Saturday, 10 March starting at 2pm


On the 10th of March we will be auctioning a selection of 60 works of Native North American objects coming from the private german collection of Christian Pysik (Aachen), among which are well preserved pearl embroidery and textile works, moccasins and parflèches from the Reservation period (1880-1910) and a little earlier, as well as children's baby carriers from the Ute/Yuta tribe which are very rarely seen in German collections.

Pysik (born in 1935), who saw himself more as an "ethnologist", started this extensive collection in the early 1960s comprising of mainly ethnographic works.

He founds the "Indianische Studienkreis Aachen" ("Indian Study Circle Aachen") in 1972, whose most important member was the British and Native American expert, Dr. Colin Taylor, whose collection was acquired by the british Hastings Museum and Art Gallery in 2004.



„Die Anfänge" (the beginning) notes Pysik on the back of this photo, which shows him with actor and Native American collector Werner Hoffmann, who had already started collecting in the 1940s. Pysik acquired the leather and pearl embroidered shirt of a warrior from him (Photo: Private Archive)


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