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With a keen sense for art and an eye for quality

Collection Alfred W. Angst

One of the unquestionably most beautiful Ibejis, it was published in 1992 by the Rietberg Museum and attributed to a sculptor who worked in the second half of the 19th century and was very much in the tradition of the sculpture school around Bogunjooko.

There are 26 lots from the collection, including classics such as the small Sikasingo figure, ex Josef Mueller, and an archaic early Tellem statuette, ex. Lance Entwistle.

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Alfred W. Angst

Alfred W. Angst (1945-2012)
Photo: Private archive

Whether good wine or good art - Alfred Angst had expertise in many areas. He was in the best sense of the word, an "art-minded" person. His house in Switzerland was home to first-rate wines, his library housed rarities and early publications on African art, and his collection of traditional African art was known far beyond the borders of Switzerland.

He first began to collect the classics of Africa in the 1990s, inspired by Swiss collectors and dealers such as Patrick Fröhlich and Udo Horstmann. With him he travels to Paris and to international auctions, his experiences and connections helping him at the beginning of his collecting activity.

Alfred Angst had a keen sense for art and an eye for quality. He draws his conclusive judgment on the social biography of each work, be it on a verifiable early collection, on well-known provenances or recognized publications, as is the case with the Yoruba figure.