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93rd Tribal Art Auction

"Bonaparte élegance", Vanitas project, 2014

Sambu Dinzenza, Yves (*1980), Kinshasa, D.R. Kongo

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Private Collection Brussels, Belgium M: 44.5 inch x 29.9 inch This object is not available anymore.

aluminium print, In Sambu’s "Vanitas" project (2010-2017) the pictures of the Sapeurs posing in various cemeteries immerses us in a utopian universe of being and appearing, a universe where narcissism (the extreme love of self) and the respect of the other (being alive or dead) coincide. "Vanitas" shows us the spiritual and human dimension of the "La Sape" movement, where collectivism and individualism merge, and where the very meanings of tradition and memory are readdressed in poignant terms.

https://www.ngola-biennial.org/Participants/Yves-Sambu https://www.vice.com/de/article/9bmzaz/die-eitelkeit-von-kinshasas-sapeuren-yves-sambu-161

"African Odyssey", Le Brass, Brussels, Belgium, Curator Louis Vuitton Fondation & M. A. Yensi, 2015; "Vanité Apparente", Afropean Mimicry-mockery, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany, 2015