Lot: 479

77th tribal art auction

Caryatid stool

D. R. Congo, Luba

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Old Canadian Private Collection H: 16.1 inch 6000 EUR
plus 27 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

~ 1900

wood, matt, dark brown patina, standing female figure, with overlong tube-like arms and big hands supporting a round seat on the head, slightly dam., rep. (the left arm fixed with nails), traces of old insect caused damage (bottom of the base), crack;
the use of such stools was reserved for special occacions, such as birth, initiation, marriage, or a case of death. They were reserved for a political and spiritual "upper class", such as chiefs, priests, medicine men, healers and dignitaries. They mainly fullfilled representative and/or ritual functions, but were donated to kings or merited dignitaries as well. They were not destined to be shown in public. When not in use, they were wrapped in white cloth and were kept in a safe place.