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63rd tribal art auction with special part 'wunderkammer'

Two Antlers


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gesammelt von Heinrich Frank, ehem. Gouvernements-Sekretär Deutsch-Kamerun, von ihm 1911 nach Deutschland gebracht
Coll. Magin, Weinheim, Germany
Coll. Fasdernes, Haßloch, Germany
H: 16.3 inch resp. 24.4 inch 250 EUR
plus 23 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

of african antelopes (springbok?), min. dam., on wooden plate; these animals are spread relatively evenly throughout the various subfamilies of Bovidae and many are more closely related to cows or goats than to each other. There are various species of antelopes, ranging in size from the tiny Royal Antelope to the ox-like Elands. Antelopes are the second fastest land mammals in the world. They are found in a wide range of habitats, typically woodland, forest, savannahs, grassland plains, and marshes. Several species are adapted to mountains and rocky outcrops, a few to deserts (both hot and cold), and a couple are semi-aquatic and live in swamps.