Lot: 352

89th Tribal Art Auction

Figural vessel from the artist Voania of Muba, before 1928

D. R. Congo, Bakongo/Woyo, Village Muba

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
H: 17.9 inch sold

ceramic/terracotta, separately worked stopper, inscribed "Voania Muba"

The work of Voania (Chief of) Muba is unusual in that his name is known through his signature on his works and also because in Africa pottery is generally the work of women rather than men. Voania’s work first appeared in Europe around 1910 and he is thought to have died around 1928.

For works of Voania of Muba see Cooksey, Kongo across the waters, Gainesville 2013, p. 222 f.

ADHCR: 0142103 (comparable object)