Lot: 348

86th Tribal Art Auction

Mask ("mabu") "mabwo"

Cameroon Grassfields, Bafum (Fungom region) or Wum

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
German Private Collection, collected in situ (1972-1979) H: 9.1 inch;
L: 14.2 inch
1500 EUR
plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

wood, rich blackish brown patina, red pigment, prominent shield-like projecting headdress, round cheeks, open mouth, slightly dam., minor missing parts, traces of insect caused damage; the "mabu" performed at funerals and commemorative celebrations for important men of the village. They belonged to the "kwifon" society. At death celebrations they announced the arrival of the frightening "nkock" mask. Dressed in a feather costume and accompanied by bird-like sounds the mask danced across the public square, where the celebration took place.

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