Lot: 450

87th Tribal Art Auction

Mask "muyombo"

D. R. Congo, Pende

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Peter Loebarth, Hameln, Germany
German Private Collection
H: 14.6 inch 500 EUR
plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

wood, reddish brown patina, black paint, kaolin, plant fibre bonnet with raphia bast embroidery and feather ornament, beard-like projection seamed by grass fibre tufts, slightly dam. (nose), abrasion of paint, feathers partly dam. Masks with a wooden beard-like chin extension, known as "muyombo", "giwoyo", or "kinjinga", cannot be identified with certainty outside of a performance situation. The chin extension apparently represents the ancestral beard. The headdress is worn horizontally, resting on top of the head like a baseball cap.