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80th Tribal Art Auction

Mask "mwana phwevo"

Angola / Zambia, Luena (Luvale) / Luchazi

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Larry Goldblatt, New York, USA
Michael Rhodes, New York, USA
Private Collection, New York, USA

H: 10.6 inch 4500 EUR
plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

wood, blackish brown patina, abundant coiffure from plant fiber cord with beaded strings, remains of a costume from knotted plant fibre, slightly dam. (mouth, eyes), abrasion of paint, base; various ethnical groups in the area of the upper Sambesi and the southern Kasai area use the "mwana phwevo" mask type. Its name, "young woman" refers to a mythological female person, who died young, and whose painful loss should be recalled by the masquerade. The masks were danced by men and appear on various festive occasions in order to amuse the village people, especially women, with their charming dances.

Hahner-Herzog, Iris, Das Zweite Gesicht, Genf, München, New York 1997, ill. 86