Lot: 144

92nd Tribal Art Auction

Oracle figure "kafigelejo" ("kafigeledio")

Côte d'Ivoire, Senufo

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Marshall Ward Mount, Jersey City, NJ / New York City, NY, USA H: 19.9 inch / 27 inch (with arms) This object is not available anymore.

wood, coarse cotton, thick encrusted patina / sacrificial traces, collection number "214", base The "kafigelejo" represents a dreaded spiritual being, said to have awesome forces in judging, punishing and imposing bad evil. The missionary P. Knorps reported in 1923 that "kafigelejo" was a kind of clairvoyant who could expose guilty parties. Offenses were for example theft, adultery or immoral behavior. The fetish was kept in a hut, to which only the village chief, the sorcerer and few trustworthy persons had access.

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