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87th Tribal Art Auction

Pectoral "akrafokonmu"

Ghana, Akan

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Karl-Heinz Krieg, Neuenkirchen, Germany
German Private Collection
D: ca. 3.4 inch This object is not available anymore.

gold, repoussé work, floral motif - called "fofoo" - in the centre, two eyelets for support, slightly dam. "Akrafokonmu" are typically translated as "soul discs" or "soul washers badges". They are worn by individuals ("akrafo") charged with the rituals to purify the chiefs soul. In addition the breast plates sometimes adorn chiefs, sword bearers, representatives of royal matrilineages, and even deities ("abosom"). They are suspended from white pineapple fiber cord, although sometimes gold chains are used.

Ross, Doran H., Gold of the Akan from the Glassell Collection, Houston 2002, p. 121