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95th Tribal Art Auction

Rare old shield

Togo / Benin, Tamberma (Batammaliba)

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Hans-Otto Glitza, Marl, Germany D: 12.8 inch 200 EUR
plus 27 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

rattan, grass fibre, leather,
In the mid-1980s, the well-known Afrrica traveller Gerd Chesi visited the towered loam castles of the Tamberma, living in the isolated Atacora Mountains in northern Togo and in the bordering regions of the Republic of

He reported that these shields were used in often bloody ritual whip fights fought by young men of the "lifoni" society.

Zirngibl, Manfred A. & Dieter Plaschke, Afrikanische Schilde, München 1992, p. 130