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98th Auction

Samurai armour "tõsei gusoku", Edo period (1603-1868)


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Christie's London, 2000
Werner Zintl, Worms, Germany
H: ca. 31.5 inch 5000 EUR
plus 23 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

iron, lacquer, wood, lacing, fabric, base

Helmet bowl ("kabuto") made of eighteen iron plates with front crest ("maedate") in the form of a gold lacquered wooden disc with characters, helmet crown ("tehen kanamono") with fourfold graduated decoration, four-part neck guard ("shikoro"). Two-piece rust-patinated half mask ("menpõ") with "grim facial expression ("ressei"), with throat guard ("yodarekake") made of five laquered iron plates ("itamono").

Two-piece iron cuirass ("dõ"), fixed on the left by hinges, on the right by straps. Special fitting on the backside for attachment of a small banner ("sashimono") with the emblem of feudal lords or troop identification. Five-part shoulder guard ("sode"), armoured sleeves ("kote") of gold brocade, completely covered with fine chain mesh ("kusari"), hand guard with iron plates ("tekkõ").

Hip and thigh defence ("kusazuri"), seven-part, attached to blue laces at the lower edge of the chest armour, each made of four lacquered plates with boar skin trim at lower edge.

Thigh defence ("haidate") of patterned brocade with iron clasps and chain mesh ("kusari").

Shin guard ("suneate") of leather and brocade with lacquered iron slats and chain mesh ("kusari").

Armour coat ("jinbaori") of mustard yellow silk, collar and lapels of blue brocade. Embroidered family emblem "mon" (fan with rhomb) on the back.

A pair of iron stirrups ("abumi") with applied silver decoration and fine silver inlay ("nunome"). Both stirrups with characters in rectangular cartouches.