Lot: 93

86th Tribal Art Auction

Seated figure "hampatong"

Indonesia - Borneo, Dayak

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August Flick, Cologne, Germany H: 44.1 inch 1800 EUR
plus 21 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

wood, stained greyish brown patina, sacrificial traces, insect caused damage (hollowed inside), traces of weathering, cracks, rest.; "hampatong" are placed in front of longhouse entrances or other places where malevolent spirits are likely to appear. They are also erected in shrine areas "tajahan", which is a small sacred area containing a sacrificial shrine surrounded by "hampatong". There are two kinds of "tajahan", one set up in connection with headhunting and another for mortuary feasts. At a mortuary feast a "hampatong" is set up for each dead person. "Hampatong" are thus images of named ancestors. They are also erected in the village square in a sanctuary "pataho" in front of the chiefs residence. The "pataho" is described as a masculine village guardian against danger and approaching enemies.

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