Lot: 392

86th Tribal Art Auction

Standing female figure

D. R. Congo, Bwaka

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Frank van Craen, Brussels, Belgium
Belgian Private Collection
H: 9.1 inch This object is not available anymore.

light brown wood, brown patina, pokerwork, metal ring, block-like contour, notched nose bridge, eyes inset with miniature glass beads, min. dam., small missing parts (left hand), slight traces of abrasion, base; most of Bwaka sculptures are depictions of "seto" and "nabo", the earliest ancestor couple. A pair of figures representing these personnages is found almost in every home as well as in many ceremonial areas.They vary in size from personal charms to almost life-sized figures.They functioned as guardians of the owners and their families and drove away the evil spirits that caused sickness and death, made crops fail and hunts go badly and brought about miscarriages.