Lot: 377

84th Tribal Art Auction

Standing male/female couple

D. R. Congo, Biombo/Kete/Kuba

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California Bay Area Historical Society Collection
American Private Collection, New York
H: 67/26.8 inch (female/male) This object is not available anymore.

bright and light wood, reddish brown patina, black colour accents, both figures have narrow shoulders and short arms which are carved close to the body, navel and genitals of the female especially accentuated, the most striking feature of the male figure is the big elongated head with conical protruding eyes and large nose, both figures wear individual scarification marks on the temples, the male figure carved with superstructure, both figures dam. and with some missing parts (feet, headdress), traces of old age and weathering, especially marked by cracks and abrasion of paint, both mounted on pedestal

Schädler, Karl-Ferdinand, Encyclopedia of African Art and Culture, Munich 2009, p. 325