Lot: 438

87th Tribal Art Auction

Standing male figure

D. R. Congo, Metoko

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Roger Lefèvre, Paris, France (1982) H: 15.9 inch This object is not available anymore.

wood, matt patina, polychrome paint, angular forms, without feet rising from a round base, the whole body painted with dots, min. dam., crack (base), slight traces of abrasion, base. Probably a figure called "ntanda"."Ntanda" and its female counterpart "itea" are used in initiation rites and are brought out to keep the peace during disputes. Furtheron they are used as temporary receptacles for the souls of the departed during important funerals and are then broken and left in the forest.

Felix, Marc L., 100 Peoples of Zaire and their Sculpture, Brussels 1987, p. 110