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Standing male figure "za mä"

Liberia, Dan

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Franco Monti (1931-2008), Milan, Italy
Alberto Galaverni (1933-2013), Parma, Italy
Koller, Geneva, "Art Tribal - Collection Galaverni, Parme", 11 December 2013, Lot 145
Frank van Craen, Brussels, Belgium
Belgian Private Collection
H: 9.1 inch 8000 EUR
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copper alloy (bronze, brass), base

These genre figures are called "za mä" - "bronze person". They were traditionally made only for tribal chiefs, who kept them wrapped in cloth in baskets and only brought them out and proudly presented them on certain occasions. They never had any religious significance, being used as pure decoration.

Often activities are depicted (drumming, pounding at the mortar, forging), sometimes group scenes were created from several figures (musicians forming an orchestra or smiths at their anvils with assistants at the bellows).

The figures were made using the "lost wax" or "cire perdu" process. The finished wax model was covered with clay and the wax was then burnt out so that the mould cavity for the liquid metal could be created. Finally, the mould is smashed to obtain the casting.

Expo cat.: "Bruneaf. Brussels Non European Art Fair", Brussels, 2022

Brussels, Belgium: "Bruneaf. Brussels Non European Art Fair", Frank Van Craen, 15 - 19 June 2022