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Three food stirrers and hairp pin

Suriname, Djuka

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André J.F. Köbben (1925-2019), Amsterdam, The Netherlands (coll. in situ in 1961)

Köbben is considered the most important "ancestor" of Dutch anthropology. What was previously called “Volkenkunde”, practiced by astute "armchair" scholars, now became field-based ethnography and anthropology. Köbben himself has done fieldwork among coffee and cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast and later in Suriname among the Djuka Maroons.
L: 10.2 inch / 14 inch / 19.3 inch / 20.1 inch This object is not available anymore.

wood, each mounted on base

Very elaborately carved.

These spoons were used for food preparation, as well as for the preparation of certain dishes on ritual occasions.

Price, Sally & Richard, Afro-American Arts of the Suriname Rain Forest, Los Angeles 1980, p. 149, ill. 209