Lot: 104

87th Tribal Art Auction

Three small figurines

D. R. Congo, Chokwe

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Günther Filla, Bochum, Germany H: 2.4 inch - 2.8 inch This object is not available anymore.

wood, brown patina, simplified forms, slight traces of abrasion, bases. Several of these small figures were in the diviner's basket. After he shaked the basket, he interpreted the cause for a stroke of fate or told the future according to the position of figures now on top. Because of the pose it is very likely that "katwambimbi" is depicted, the "weeping woman" foretells an imminent dead.

Jordán, Manuel, Ngombo - Wahrsagen und Kunst in Zentralafrika, München 2002, p. 24, ill. 6