Lot: 195

93rd Tribal Art Auction

Two anthropomorphic masks "okoroshi ojo"

Nigeria, Igbo

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Merton Simpson, New York, USA
Allan Stone, New York, USA
H: 9.4 inch;
12.6 inch
This object is not available anymore.

wood, pigments, base

This mask type appears at so-called "okoroshi" ceremonies, which are connected with rituals for deities or spirits of the water "owu".

Due to the dark colour and their rather coarse appearance, these masks can be assigned to the "okoroshi oyo" type. "Oyo" means evil, dark, ugly or heavy. The masks embody aggressive evil spirits.

They are opposed by the "okoroshi oma" masks, which represent benign and friendly spirits and are dyed in white.

compare AHDRC 0159041 Cole, Herbert M. & Chike C. Aniakor, Igbo Arts, Los Angeles 1984, p. 186